What's New

Welcome to the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office Website.  We have added a lot of features to enable you to have the tools available to be aware of what is going on at the Sheriff’s Office and your community.  I will briefly highlight each of these features to help you navigate through each of these features.

What's New:  On the Home Page we will be providing up-to-date issues and crime alert going on in our county.  So check back often for updates and alerts


Crime Reports:  Crime Reports is a tool that enables you to view crimes and sex offenders that are in your county.  At the click of a mouse you can view crimes such as Theft, Breaking and Entering, Assault, Damage to Property, and Domestic Violence that occur in a time period and area of the county that you choose.  Also at the click of a mouse you can view where sex offenders live and see a photo of that individual.  This tool is located in two locations on our website.  The first place is a small map located on the bottom of our homepage and the second location is the Crime Reports page on the Community List.


Inmate Information Look-up:  The Detention Center Roster is now available online.  You can view what an inmate is in jail for and what there bond is.  You are also able to search for inmate incarcerated during a time period.   This tool is located in two locations on our website the first is the Inmate Information Page under Services Menu and the second is the Detention Page under Divisions Menu


Transylvania County's 10 Most Wanted: We need your help on finding these individuals.  We will be updating the Most Wanted regularly and with Mugshots of individuals we are looking for.  If you have any info on these please let us know.  You can get to the 10 Most Wanted two way, First by clicking on the link on the home page and second by going to the 10 Most Wanted Page under the Services Menu.

We hope you enjoy our new website and hope you will join us and keep Transylvania Safe.