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Church Safety & Security: Do You Have A Plan?

In light of the recent tragic shooting a small church in Texas, safety and security at a place of worship is on the forefront of the mind of most people this week.  Our heart goes out to the victims’ families and friends.  We mourn with you, and our prayers and thoughts are with you as well. 


In 2015, the North Carolina Sheriff began developing both a training and a guide for Sheriffs to present to the citizens of their respective counties.  The Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office has been presenting the training, distributing the guides, and competing church security assessments ever since.  Although, this is a conversation we likely thought we would never have, we must face a reality that church security is something we must talk about and unfortunately plan for…. Do you have a plan? 


Do you have one of our guides?  The purpose of this guide is to provide direction for places of worship regarding reasonable measures of safety to confront the spectrum of threats and emergencies they may face during the hours of worship. It discusses actions that may be taken before, during, and after an incident in order to reduce the impact on people, property, and loss of life.


This guide is an excellent way to get started.  If you would like a copy, please drop the Sheriff’s Office located at 153 Public Safety Way in Brevard, just off Morris Road.  You can also contact Captain Jeremy Queen via email at and he will be glad to email you an electronic copy of the church security guide.  At your request, we will also mail a copy to you at no charge; just call Captain Queen at (828) 884-3168.


Also, if you would like an assessment of your church property, facilities, and current plan, please contact Captain Jeremy Queen or Captain Kevin Creasman at the above number for scheduling.  As always, we are YOUR Sheriff’s Office; if there is anything at all that we can do for you or any question that we may answer, please do no hesitate to contact us.  It is our honor and pleasure to serve you.


“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  - Romans 12:21