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Posted by Transylvania County on March 25, 2019

If you have a smart phone, perhaps you are like us; you’re getting an array of phone calls from all over the United States and North America from Telemarketing con artists. They are creative, coming up with new tricks every day to scam unsuspecting Transylvania residents. The callers prey on anyone who answers a phone, but especially seniors and others who have responded to phony sweepstakes or other scams before.


We will continue to spend the next few weeks on examples of scams we know have been successful for fraudulent telemarketers give you an idea of the tricks they play.




A caller says you appear to be qualified for a free, guaranteed government grant because of your age, employment status, or where you live. The caller asks a few questions, such as, “Have you ever been delinquent on your taxes or been convicted of a felony?” When you say “no” the caller says you definitely will receive the grant. The caller then requests your bank account information in order to deposit the grant money.  But instead of putting money in, the scammer withdraws money and you don’t receive any grants. Victims often lose several hundred dollars. Another version of this scam lures you into paying thousands of dollars for help applying for grants.





You are contacted by someone (often from overseas) who has seen the personal information you posted on a social networking or dating website. The “sweetheart” uses email and phone conversations to strike up a friendship which eventually blooms into a romance. Once you are sufficiently smitten, your new love interest pretends to be in the hospital or in jail overseas and asks you to wire money to them, often repeatedly.


The North Carolina Department of Justice can help; call toll free at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM


Source: NC Department of Justice