Package delivery is quickly becoming the new normal for busy shoppers. With ecommerce options like one-click shopping and free two-day shipping, shopping online is a huge timesaver.  FedEx and UPS collectively delivers more than 1 billion packages between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  And the number continues to rise each year.  While home delivery can save you time around the holidays, stolen packages are a headache no one wants to deal with.

We're entering the biggest shopping season of the year. Unfortunately, this is also prime season for package thieves. The Transylvania County Sheriff's Office reminds you as you're making online purchases over the next few weeks, follow these tips to avoid becoming the victim of package theft.

  • Have packages delivered to your work.  Delivering packages to a job increases visibility and reduces the chances that your packages might be swiped unexpectedly.
  • Schedule deliveries for times you will be home.  This keeps packages from sitting unattended for long periods of time.
  • Buddy up with a neighbor.  If you're not able to be home when a package will be delivered, ask a trusted neighbor to hold it for you.  If you see a package on your neighbor's doorstep, reach out and ask if they would like you to hold it until they are back home.
  • Require a signature.  This extra insurance ensures that you won’t have packages piling up at your door.
  • Consider using a smart locker.  Smart lockers secure your packages until you are able to pick up purchases.
  • Try a lockbox.  Lockboxes can be used to protect packages until you can make it home and retrieve them.
  • Monitor your front porch.  Security cameras or video doorbells can be used to keep an eye on your packages, deterring thieves from grabbing them off of your property.

Source: & ADT Home Security