News Story
Posted by Transylvania County on February 4, 2019

It is with mixed emotions that the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit announces the retirement of K-9 Bosco.  A lovable stubby tailed Belgian Malinois with a troubled past, K-9 Bosco worked his final shift at the end of 2018 at 13 years old. His drive to work was as fresh as it was when he first came to us in 2012, but his aging body said it was time to retire. 


K-9 Bosco came to TCSO in 2012 after another agency had given up on him.  This other agency described him as “untrainable and uncontrollable,” and we were lucky enough to obtain him through our connections in the Law Enforcement K-9 community.  K-9 Bosco was a young and wild dog that needed some guidance from a firm and fair handler. K9 Bosco found exactly that in Lt. Kevin Holden, who quickly built a strong bond together once they were paired. 


This partnership is exactly what Bosco needed to be successful, and the rest is history. K-9 Bosco went from nearly being put out of service because he was “untrainable and uncontrollable” to being the most successful TCSO K-9 in our program’s history to date. K-9 Bosco is credited with assists in hundreds of arrests, thanks to his narcotics detection ability. K-9 Bosco helped seize large quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and other illegal narcotics throughout his career that otherwise would not have been discovered without his excellent nose. 


K-9 Bosco was not only a great narcotics dog, but a fantastic tracking dog. K-9 Bosco has apprehended numerous fleeing criminals throughout his career that otherwise would have presented a danger to the public and officers. The very presence of K-9 Bosco alone de-escalated many situations that would have otherwise ended in injury to both officers and suspects. 


Throughout K-9 Bosco’s career, he has set the bar high as a patrol dog, but above all, he was a loved member of TCSO. He brought a smile to people’s faces as he roamed around the office demanding to have his belly rubbed by everyone in the room and for someone to throw his toy for him. K9 Bosco was also a fan favorite among the community. For this dog to be such a successful patrol K-9 with multiple apprehensions, and to be labeled as “uncontrollable” in his younger days, he sure was great with kids.  He was a very social dog that had to be the center of attention at demonstrations, schools, and community events.  K-9 Bosco truly did it all for Transylvania County, and we wish him well in his retirement. Bosco will get to live out his retirement with Lt. Holden. Go chase all of the toys, and get as many belly rubs as you possibly can! Farewell, friend.